Individual Wellness

Life-Work Balance

Life Work BalanceThere is no “one-size fits all” formula for a perfect Life-Work balance. Life can change from day to day depending upon our responsibilities and priorities. The right balance will be different when we are single or married, have children, start a new career or are nearing retirement. The key to finding and maintaining the harmony of balance in our everyday lives throughout the span of our lifetime is to develop our ability to remain productive while giving equal attention to resting and restoring ourselves. This requires that we understand the dynamics that one cannot exist without the other. Maintaining balance is paramount to our overall well being, and with this understanding comes the opportunity to incorporate this perspective into all aspects of our lives.

Strengthen your Resiliency!

Strengthen ResiliencyBy strengthening our resiliency, we build a natural defense system against stress that comes in all shapes and forms (workplace stress, strained family relationships, post traumatic stress syndrome to name a few). The more accessible our resources are when faced with challenges, the better our ability to bounce back and regain a sense of normalcy. This holds true whether we are a business executive making crucial decisions under constant pressure or a student getting ready to take SATs, knowing beforehand that the results will affect our future.

For the Whole Body

For the Whole BodyWe guide and support our clients to build their own bridge to well-being by making informed healthy choices and behavior changes that are sustainable. Discover how to leverage your personal lifestyle and health history into habits that lead to positive changes in all facets of life whether it relates to food, exercise, stress, relationships or career – creating your Personal Wellness Toolbox. To get started, e-mail us at or call (917) 837-3652 to make an appointment for a complimentary one-hour consultation.