Personal Story

My name is Linda Shields, and I am the founder of Beyond the Bridge®. I worked on Wall Street for over 20 years with a very successful money management group that manages assets in excess of 8 billion dollars. As an integral part in growing this business through many cycles and environments (at times volatile and challenging), I experienced the negative side effects of stress. I began to see more and more of my friends and colleagues ‘completely stressed out’ as the demands and pressures only got worse. Stress was affecting their jobs and relationships, and I realized that I was one of those people. I understood the importance of not only being present and functioning but that to be fully engaged was necessary for an optimal job performance.

As I searched for ways to ‘manage’ my own stress, I began to have success in my experiences that led to formally studying techniques integrating the philosophy of Life-Work Balance with the positive effects of Stress Resilience. I left a very successful career to follow my passion and create my own business, Beyond the Bridge LLC. Beyond the Bridge is an Integrative Wellness Consultancy, offering a practical system that works for a wide range of people from busy executives to hospital patients and their families. I enjoy working with individuals, as well as the challenge of working with companies to integrate these techniques to enhance established Wellness in the Workplace programs.

My personal story continues….the journey that began with the focus on my own stress management to bring balance into my life evolved, through study and experience, into a more encompassing philosophy of Wellness for the Whole Body combining health techniques with whole body nutrition and nourishment that together with setting personal goals and priorities resulted in a healthier and balanced lifestyle. With the additional benefit of my strong and successful business background, I have a unique skill set that I want to share with others – to guide and support them to build their own bridge towards well-being by making informed healthy choices and behavior changes that are sustainable.

I believe in the establishment and maintenance of the highest of ethical standards, values, community service and continuing education.