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Does Stress have an impact? It sure does! The ecological footprint measures humanity’s demand on Nature and this measurement assesses the pressure that we are putting on our planet to determine if we are living within the Earth’s bounds and the laws of Nature. Not so different if we apply this concept to ourselves as we make an assessment of the impact of stress on our lives; both its daily demands in an oftentimes chaotic world as well as how the effects of longer term chronic stress impact our mental, emotional and physical body. Some may feel energized by stressful situations yet tend to overlook side effects that include headache, insomnia and backache. Others avoid any potential stressful situation in search for a stress free life, then find that this quest can get in the way of living a full life, which in turn can lead to depression and anxiety. Every day, we face and respond to the stress challenge; the manner in which we do so coupled with our clear perception of a situation is paramount to living a full, balanced and healthy life.

Beyond The Bridge was founded by Linda Shields to help individuals and corporations customize their own stress management program by bringing awareness to our lines of defense that maintain a strong Immune System, vital glands, a steadfast Nervous System, good circulation and digestion. Research studies reveal that both Stress Management and Lifestyle modification are beneficial, while a recent American Heart Association news release and policy statement indicates that Worksite wellness programs lower healthcare costs for companies and make employees healthier. Read the complete news release and policy statement at – go to Resources, then Research.

The Harmonyum® Healing System raises the vibratory frequency of the entire spiritual body, thereby creating harmony deep within us as we remove unhealthy mental attitudes and negative speech patterns which are at the root of many health disorders and adversity. It attunes the body's energy flow, thereby enabling one to experience internal calm; it slows you down and helps remove stress in a simple, subtle and gentle process. The treatment is non-invasive. The client is fully clothed and lies face down in a comfortable position while a light touch is applied to the spine. In a natural way, this proprietary self-healing system works well with Naam Yoga® Therapy in achieving a balanced lifestyle through the addition of breath, movement, meditation and music.

For our clients who have expressed an interest, Gift Certificates are now available. This is a great gift to give to friends, colleagues and family – the gift of Health!

Breathe deeply, Walk daily and Smile!

Please pass this along to your friends, colleagues and family!

Beyond the Bridge wishes you a Happy and Heart-Healthy Holiday Season extending to the New Year filled with Love, Light and more Light!

With Love, Peace and Light,
Beyond the Bridge

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Beyond The Bridge, based in New York City, offers Integrative Wellness Coaching Solutions for Individuals and Corporations that promotes and supports the 21st Century paradigm of Integrative Healthcare. Founded by Holistic Health Practitioner and Yoga Professional, Linda Shields, Beyond the Bridge specializes in Wellness Coaching programs, directed to the whole person, that focus on achieving Balance in this busy, stressful world through Healthful and Conscious Living.

Through the healing modalities of Naam Yoga Therapy, Harmonyum, Breathwalk, Universal Kabbalah, Wellness Coaching and Corporate Wellness Programs, Beyond the Bridge embraces a holistic approach that encapsulates the complete wellness of mind, spirit and body. For more information, visit

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