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“Every breath you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you”. Sound eerily familiar? Well, think of the all-pervading Stress – it’s everywhere – in the Home, the Workplace, the Neighborhood, Schools and we’re constantly reminded in Newspapers, TV, Radio - it seems that we can’t catch our breath or have a moment’s peace. The stability of ‘owning your own home’ or ‘still having a job,’ both of which relate directly to our foundational support system, has been rocked from Wall Street to Main Street, not only in the U.S. but globally as well. Our faith and core values are being tested, time and time again.

We have discussed in previous newsletters about establishing a relationship with our breath - in essence establishing a relationship with ourselves – one that will enable us to find and maintain our Natural State of Wellbeing. We can counter Stress with a daily breath practice through awareness – the key is in the word ‘daily’. Think of the monumental paperwork mess that you would be entangled in if you didn’t open your mail for three months. When it comes to Stress, why is it any different? The mentality of ‘I can’t wait ‘til the work day is over so I can go for a drink to unwind’ or ‘The weekend is only two days away, I’ll relax then’ or ‘I’m going on vacation in 6 weeks – I’ll de-stress and chill out then’. Or the ultimate for many, ‘When I retire’, etc.

Instead, let’s focus on the present and look forward to the future - practice every day the mindfulness of your breath, raising your consciousness which will ultimately affect all aspects of your life. Completely enjoy relaxation time – evenings, weekends, vacations - by savoring each day. At Beyond the Bridge, we emphasize the importance of actively participating in your own transformation and the feeling of empowerment that accompanies this personal commitment. The benefits of a breath practice are enhanced by the powerful combination of movement, breath and meditation - bringing our mental, emotional and physical bodies into alignment and balance, as can be experienced in the following walking meditation.

Walking with your Breath can be self-healing, deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. Let’s go for a walk – we’ll be taking both an inward and outward journey! Choose the place where you will be taking your walk. Be creative – the beauty of walking is that it can be done almost anywhere: a park, a riverside, your neighborhood! As you begin your walk, bring your attention to your breath, being mindful each time you inhale and each time you exhale (through the nose). Stay present and in the moment; as your mind wanders, continue to bring it back to your breath. Each inhale fills your lungs with air – you are receiving the gift of Life – and with each exhale you are giving back to our planet, in gratitude.

Along the way, you may encounter something that touches you – the blue sky, a tree, a bird – stop if you choose but continue to breathe mindfully so that this object of contemplation is kept alive by means of your mindful breathing. If you don’t breathe consciously, the object may fade away because your thoughts have taken over. Always stay with your breathing.

As we walk and breathe in harmony, we can enhance this mindful walk through our senses. It is through our five primary senses, Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, Touch -

and our sixth sense, Intuition (our inner voice), that we experience the world and ourselves. We develop our own sensory patterns based upon those experiences and some of our senses may be more inclusive than others. By combining walking with conscious breath, we can develop the ability to open all of our senses fully, thereby establishing pathways that recognize and reinforce new, healthy trends of behavior.

Focus on one sense at a time, for a minimum of a few minutes each, curling one finger on each hand as you move through each sense. Pay attention to what you see – observe. Move to hearing – not just the outer sounds but your own inner voice. Then smell – are you by water, or near flowers? Followed by taste, then touch – is it snowing or raining or breezy? To finish, open your fists and become aware of everything around you – let your senses scan and take in everything around you. Take this moment to tap into your Intuition to feel where your next step will take you – on this walk, in your life, in the world. And for the next few minutes, walk without concentration – let your senses play freely and joyfully as you move to your next step. Be thankful for this precious time and Smile!

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With Love, Peace and Light,

Beyond the Bridge

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