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“Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!” And we suspect that the ride is not yet over – nor do we have any idea what type of landing we’re headed for. Fear and panic have begun to subside, no thanks to the Media, while global financial markets’ volatility is reluctantly giving way to a cautious stability. And yes, there are still those who are bracing themselves for another Great Depression, similar to the one that began in the 1920’s, a worldwide economic downturn that most of us have only read about, though very few of us have actually lived through. We can consider ourselves fortunate if we have had the opportunity to meet someone who has done so. We just might see the common thread that connects these steadfast  and reliable people – what has sustained them throughout their entire lives – a deep core sense of Values, Responsibility, Accountability, Integrity and unwavering Faith – their moral fiber and their solid foundation that has seen them through life’s ups and downs. With humility, we can learn from them as we actively participate in the Great Transformation.

Everything that has happened to us is recorded in our memory, whether we remember or not, and all of our habits and patterns are retained in our mind, emotions and body. The Great Transformation will begin to take place within ourselves; as we reinforce our personal foundation on a consistent basis, we will clearly see how our own stability begins to flourish in the world at large, and once again, takes root. As our governments work furiously to reevaluate, reinforce, repair and when necessary, restructure, we can lead the way and set a living example for our world leaders. Each and every one of us, in our own special, unique way, can set our intention to leave the world a better place than when we entered it. We begin by taking care of ourselves. Set aside just 10 minutes!

Take a 10 minute Refresher Course – relax, renew and recharge!

By adding the following three simple exercises to your newly established daily breath awareness practice, in just 10 minutes, you will feel like a new person – returning to your natural state of balance, calm and centeredness. Any tension, heaviness or stiffness in the neck, shoulders or spine (problem areas for holding tension) will be released and you will experience immediate benefits. Stretching your spine will help you to maintain flexibility, not only physically but as an aid in mental flexibility. Working on the spine keeps us feeling young.  Relieving tension in the neck will help nerve impulses, blood flow and circulation between your brain and spinal cord, which is a contributing factor to having a good memory. Your thyroid gland will be stimulated, your heart will open and energy will flow freely through your body. You will feel more alive and ready to respond to challenges!

Sit comfortably, spine straight, eyes closedeither in a chair or in Easy pose, a yogic position, on the floor. You can choose to listen to relaxing music, but it is not essential. Place your hands on your heart – make a connection with yourself as you become aware of your beating heart, feeling your own life force. Honor your commitment to be present, giving these exercises your full attention.

Begin by Long Deep Breathing (through your nose), focusing on each inhale and exhale. For beginners, take a long slow inhale by letting your belly relax and expand and as you exhale feel your navel point going back towards your spine. For those more experienced with a breath practice, the belly expansion is followed by rib expansion, bringing air to the middle part of your lungs and lastly, your collarbone will lift and the air will fill the upper part of your chest. You can pause briefly at the end of each inhalation, then begin your next exhalation. Remember to finish each exhalation with the focus on your navel point going back towards your spine, emptying out all the air, setting yourself up beautifully for your next inhalation.

Your thoughts and emotions are reflected in your breath pattern. Calm your mind by following your breath consciously. This breath also massages all the internal organs. Continue this breath pattern for 3 minutes.

Neck Rolls. Place hands on thighs if seated in chair or on knees if in Easy pose. Be gentle. This is a very, very slow motion. Enjoy! Head begins in neutral position, lengthening the neck. Point your chin towards your chest and inhale (nose), then slowly roll your head to your right shoulder, and as you stretch your head back, exhale (try this through a slightly open mouth). Bring your head around to your left shoulder and complete the cycle with your chin pointing towards your chest, inhaling and repeating the entire motion in the same direction, for a minimum of 8 times. Then come to center and slowly reverse direction, again for a minimum of 8 times. For balance, the same number of repetitions should be applied in each direction.

Shoulder shrugs. Hands remain on thighs if seated in chair or on knees if in Easy pose. Inhale (nose) bringing your shoulders up to your ears (this is the only time that you ever want you shoulders to be up around your ears) and exhale (nose), releasing them down. When you exhale, really let them come down as you mentally and emotionally let go. There is absolutely nothing to hold on to – just let go. Inhale, shoulders up and exhale, shoulders released. Start slowly and as you warm up, pick up the pace. Continue for 2-3 minutes.

Spinal flexes. Hands remain on thighs if seated in chair or grasping ankles if in Easy pose. Head remains neutral throughout the exercise. To ensure that the head remains stable, look at a point straight ahead and remain fixed on the point throughout the exercise. If you are comfortable that your head is stable, then eyes remain closed. Inhale (nose), arch your back by flexing your spine forward leading with your heart and opening your chest, then exhale (nose) as you flex your spine backward by rounding your back. Begin this exercise very slowly, then as you feel your body warming up and supple, you can pick up the pace. The quality of the exercise is more important than the quantity. Less can be more! Continue for 3 minutes. Finish the exercise by coming to center, spine straight - inhale, suspend the breath, and exhale.

To Finish. Inhale, suspend the breath, raise arms overhead while keeping shoulders in place, and stretch, stretch, stretch; then exhale while bringing your arms down as you shake your hands. Sit for a moment in peace and solitude, then slowly open your eyes, observe your surroundings – notice how you actually see things more clearly. Feel Confident and Smile!

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