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When you can’t get out of Town!  The recent outbreak of an influenza virus in North America, namely H1N1 formerly referred to as the Swine Flu, has many people pushing the panic button.  Panic is usually accompanied by irregular breathing, and that it in of itself can lead to an imbalance or disturbance in the mind, emotions, spirit, or physical body that may open the window to disease.  When ‘cooler heads prevail’, it’s just as easy to respond, when we know how, in a positive and effective way.

Breath is our connection to Life and it’s not just for air – it is an act of giving and receiving.  When we recognize and embrace the totality of ourselves - the yin and yang relationship - like the inhalation and exhalation of our breath, each dependent upon the other; we can then begin to achieve and sustain the harmony of balance in our everyday lives.  To do so consciously as shown below is a quick-start way to bolster the body’s natural defense system.

Boost your Immune System – Simply and Quickly!  For overall wellbeing, the following is a dynamic combination of four sequential breath exercises that will create vitality to maintain a strong Immune System and restore the body to its natural state of being.  Just get started!  Do them every morning to set your day and feel great – strong, calm and focused – like a fine tuned engine!  You’ll begin to notice a difference in how you view the world and this will have a positive effect on your relationships, both business and personal.

Women who are pregnant or menstruating should not perform these exercises.  Anyone with a medical condition should consult their physician prior to practicing these exercises. If dizziness occurs during any exercise, relax and begin Long Deep Breathing.

Sit comfortably, spine straight, eyes closedeither in a chair or in Easy pose, a yogic position, on the floor.  Begin with Long Deep Breathing (through your nose) for a few moments, focusing on each inhale and exhale.  Place your hands on your heart – make a connection with yourself as you become aware of your beating heart, feeling the life force of the Sun as you envision yourself filled with Light.  Honor your commitment to be present; giving these exercises your full attention.

1.    Breath of Glow with Gyan Mudra (hand posture: thumb tip to index fingertip resting on lap or knees).   Emphasis is on a forceful exhalation (nose) followed by an automatic inhale (nose).  On the exhalation, the navel is pumped and compressed inward, squeezing the air out.  Upon releasing this internal contraction, the air is naturally drawn back into the lungs.  The pace is swift but not rapid.  This breath draws out toxins, cleaning the lymphatic system as it strengthens the Immune System.  The mudra brings calmness and peace of mind.  Continue for 10 minutes. To end:  Inhale through nose, suspend the breath 5-10 seconds (beginners) and 15-30 seconds (experienced practitioners), exhale through nose.  Inhale again; raise the arms up, exhale and for 30 seconds shake vigorously to rid the body of any tension or blockages.  

2.    Breath of Fire in Silver Triangle Mudra (hand posture) thumb tip to ring and pinkie fingertips.  Equal emphasis is placed on the inhalation and exhalation (nose) while pumping the navel.  No pause between breath cycles.  Continuous and rapid.  Energizes and strengthens our life force which is enhanced by the mudra.  Continue for 5 minutes. To end:  Inhale through nose, suspend the breath 5 seconds (beginners) and 15 seconds (experienced practitioners), exhale through nose. 

3.    Panting Breath with Gyan Mudra (hand posture) thumb tip to index fingertip resting on lap or knees. Grab a tissue, if necessary!  Extend your tongue out and try to touch your chin.  Breathe in an out continuously and as fast as you can through open mouth.  Energizes Immune System to fight infection.  Continue for 3 minutes.  To end: Inhale through nose, pull your tongue in and press it against the upper palate as hard as you can, suspend the breath 5 seconds (beginners) and 15 seconds (experienced practitioners), exhale through nose.  Repeat this sequence two more times.

4.    Sitali Pranayam with Tattva Mudra (hand posture) spread fingers and touch the fingertips of both hands together at the level of the solar plexus. Inhale through curled tongue, as if you are sipping through a straw. Don’t worry if your tongue doesn’t curl – do your best! Suspend the breath for as long as possible (not to bursting stage, though), then exhale slowly through the nose.  This is a healing breath that restores internal balance and harmony.  Cools and soothes the body, mind and emotions.  The mudra seals in the energy, so it can be contained and used for healing (see Feb 2009 Newsletter Archives  – The Healthy Feet Connection!).  Continue for 11 minutes.   To end:  Inhale through nose, suspend the breath 5 seconds (beginners) and 15 seconds (experienced practitioners), exhale through nose. 

For experienced breath practitioners, the specifically designed ratio for these four sequential exercises of 10min- 5min - 3min - 11min has maximum health benefits.  Beginners can adjust the times proportionately: for example, divide the times in half – therefore 5min – 2 1/2min – 1 ½ min – 5 ½ min.  Think of the ratio as a recipe for the best results.

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Breathe deeply and Smile!

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With Love, Peace and Light,
Beyond the Bridge

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