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Turn on the Light! For many, there already exists an intrinsic belief system that embraces and follows a Middle Path philosophy – a way of Life supported by an evolutionary process. Yet, there are times when it may be necessary to experience extreme conditions in order to bring order and balance back into our lives, reestablishing our connection to this central pathway which consists of Health and Harmony. This may very well be such a time. Take a look at the world around you and it is very likely you will agree that extreme measures are indeed upon us. It has become apparent that we are now in the midst of a full blown Transparency Revolution being powered by Light - a vast amount of Light is being shined upon every imaginable circumstance that has forsaken fundamental and inherent truths of conscious living, both in business and personal.  It is this same Light that will lead the way to a new Life, a unified standard of living that will no longer tolerate what has been purposely ‘hidden’ and for much of humanity, this symbolizes an awakening of Consciousness with a pervading awareness that is here to stay - a Collective Consciousness borne from our Individual Consciousness.

We are approaching the Spring Equinox on March 21 which is the birthday of our planet and marks a time of renewal and rejuvenation – new beginnings! Just as the Transparency Revolution is being powered by Light, we too are powered by the Light of the Sun that nourishes and sustains the Life Force energy and Spirit within us.  During the Springtime (March 21 till June 20), the Sun showers us with an abundance of Prana (energy), more so than any other time of the year.  Elementally, we are Nature so it makes sense to do what comes ‘naturally’. Keep it simple! Think and see Green as Life begins anew!

Connect to the Light of the Sun!

Establish your day in a uplifting way by taking a Springtime morning walk – the earlier the better as the early morning Sun is the most safe and beneficial – to nourish your Mind, Spirit and Body. As you begin your walk, focus on your breath - feel your connection with the Air element – this will enable you to not only feel the sensation of your breath, but also to visualize the healing light and energy of the Sun pouring into every organ and cell of your body. Additionally, if there is an area of your body in need of healing - concentrate on that area and direct the sunlight there, reinforcing it with your own positive thoughts. Make the Sun your BFF (Best Friend Forever). Walk and Work with the Sun every day – cultivate a personal relationship with the Sun as it will strengthen you and bring out your inner radiance so that you Shine like the Sun! That’s what Best Friends do!

Another way to connect to the Sun is by connecting to the Inner Sun that lies within you through the therapeutic modality of Naam Yoga – a heart opening yoga of Health and Radiance. Take advantage of this auspicious time of the year to experience, first hand, the benefits of Naam Yoga, either in a private session or in a group environment. Regardless of whether you live in New York City or are based in Aberdeen, Scotland, we, at Beyond the Bridge, are focused on creating cutting edge ways that connect you to our Global Community of Wellness through our specialized LiveWorkWell programs. Contact us at to discuss what fits best for you or your company.

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With Love, Peace and Light,
Beyond the Bridge

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