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Let’s talk about it! Four simple words. Simple you say, yet complex at the same time. The simplicity is that, once spoken from the heart, these words have the transformative power to open a gateway towards clear and effective communication, and the complexity of actually having the courage to follow this path - one that fosters our ability to say these words with the awareness that all of our words and actions leave a lasting effect. Look around you and be inspired by those who already follow this path – a loved one, a co-worker, a boss, a friend, a spiritual teacher, a community leader. Observe them - in particular as they listen, always intuitively knowing when to speak and when to listen, both equally important. You will begin to see and experience that once you take this step, all of your relationships, including the one with yourself will be affected in a positive way. 

To arrive at this place, this spirit that applauds the freedom of expressing ourselves - bringing our thoughts and emotions into words and actions, we must align our head with our heart, thus merging our intellect with our intuition – the right brain with the left brain, the yin with the yang. And for those who are already experiencing balance as a result of their communication, remember those who are still striving by helping to create an environment that cultivates the freedom of communication and constructive insight.

Just as modern medicine has begun to acknowledge and understand that our whole body consists of our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies, we also understand that in order to take complete care of ourselves, we must go beyond working with only our physical body. In the physical sense, your thyroid gland helps control the function of your body’s metabolism as well as function of many important organs, including your heart, brain, liver, kidneys, and skin. Millions of people have thyroid disorders and presently many have not been diagnosed. In the metaphysical sense, the thyroid relates to the Throat Chakra, the energy center associated with the Word – what we say and how we say it that leads to a direct connection with our ability to communicate and express ourselves with consciousness, clarity and truth. Our throat is the bridge that enables us to materialize our thoughts into words.

Making sure your thyroid gland and throat chakra are healthy and functioning properly is extremely important to your overall well-being. In addition to getting a medical check-up on a consistent basis, work with your throat and thyroid beyond the physical. A powerful way to do so is energetically and spiritually – through Sound, Light and Mudra – combining sacred and primal seed sounds with the self-healing power in our hands that utilize and connect us with the healing light of the Sun.  Think of it as activating and cultivating the seeds of health that lie within you.

Daily throat exercise and meditation for a healthy Thyroid and Communication:

Begin by working with your breath. This is a way to calm your mind and aids in building your platform for clear communication. Long Deep Breathing through the nose - 3 to 11 minutes.

Neck Rolls. Place hands on thighs if seated in chair or on knees if in Easy pose. Be gentle. This is a very, very slow motion. Enjoy! Head begins in neutral position, lengthening the neck. Point your chin towards your chest and inhale (nose), then slowly roll your head to your right shoulder, and as you stretch your head back, exhale (try this through a slightly open mouth). Bring your head around to your left shoulder and complete the cycle with your chin pointing towards your chest, inhaling and repeating the entire motion in the same direction, for a minimum of 8 times. Then come to center and slowly reverse direction, again for a minimum of 8 times. For balance, the same number of repetitions should be applied in each direction. This opens the flow of energy between the brain and the spinal cord – very important to take care of your neck.

Sound. As you begin to feel calm and centered from the above exercises, we now add the sacred and healing seed sound of Tho together with a self-healing mudra (hand position) called Golden Triangle (thumb tip to index and middle finger tips, remaining fingers curled inward). Golden Triangle mudra represents a stabilizing force that brings balance to our two most fluctuating elements within our body – fire and water. It helps to direct our own self-healing power towards our body.

Close your eyes. Place your right hand in Golden Triangle mudra, lightly touching your throat or just in front of your throat, not touching. Inhale through the nose, pause slightly, and as you exhale, vibrate out loud the seed sound Tho (pronounced ZZZZooooooooh) while visualizing in your mind the warm, healing light of the Sun shining from your throat center and radiating throughout your entire body. You’ll notice that as you practice this on a daily basis, your lung expansion will gradually increase and you will be able to vibrate the sound for a longer period of time. And you may begin to feel other beneficial effects of this exercise, such as the power of your voice as you speak and project outward.  Amazing!  Begin with 3 times and work your way up to 7 times daily.

Your Health is your true Wealth.

Please pass this along to your friends, colleagues and family!

With Love, Peace and Light,
Beyond the Bridge

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