LiveWorkWell: Care with YOGA 5K Run/Walk Fundraiser - That's the Spirit!


Beyond the Bridge is actively committed to promoting and supporting the Integrative Healthcare approach where East meets West; forging a collaborative partnership through integration, interaction, education and research. In this spirit, Linda Shields, the founder of Beyond the Bridge, will participate – hail, rain or shine - in the Care with YOGA 5K Run/Walk on March 21st, 2010 from 9:00am – 11:30am at Riverside Park, NYC. By doing so, we hope to bring awareness to the importance of integrating the scientifically proven safety and efficacy of Yoga into mainstream Medical Care.

This event is organized by the Naam Biomedical Society, a 501 (3) C Non Profit organization that is dedicated to life saving research and to help bring educational programs to clinical centers, community schools and nursing homes to fight chronic diseases such as asthma, pain, Alzheimer’s disease and more. Funds are being raised for direct costs of these educational and research programs. For more Information about Naam Biomedical Society, please visit

Those who wish to be event sponsors by supporting Linda as she raises funds through her participation can make a pledge in the form of a tax deductable donation by sending a check (payable to Naam Biomedical Society) to Beyond the Bridge, Attn: Linda Shields, 251 East 32nd Street, Apt 9J, New York, NY 10016. The IRS does not require a receipt except for donations of $75 or more, in which case the Naam Biomedical Society will email you a receipt (please include your email address if you would like your receipt emailed).

Breathe deeply, Walk daily and Smile!

Please pass this along to your friends, colleagues and family!

With Love, Peace and Light,
Beyond the Bridge

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