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Tis’ the Season of the Heart!  In the eternal quest for longevity, we continue to see an increased world-wide awareness that is leading the way to more of us adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle.  For many, this process begins with education and at times re-education, while there is also an increase in studies discovering that some of us are born into an environment that promotes and maintains this lifestyle in a natural and easy going way. 

There is an existence of tangibles such as Exercise in various forms – including moving naturally and in ways that you enjoy, Diet that contains anti-oxidants helping to slow the aging process, consistently eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products, Omega-3 fatty acids found in certain types of fish oil, alcohol in Moderation and sufficient Rest.

While these tangibles are important for our physical body, there are intangibles that play an equally important role for our ‘whole body’ - our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body.  Therapeutic techniques such as Breathwork, Energy Work, Yoga Therapy and Meditation that initiate self-healing and well-being are making their way into the mainstream of society and playing a complementary role with modern science and medicine.

And yet still, there is a deeper and higher level to which we can aspire.  By way of our spiritual Heart, we have the power of Transformation to elevate every human being that we encounter.

Seven ways to give the Gift of your Heart.

Begin with positive and happy thoughts – maintain a positive outlook on Life.  ‘Happiness is Contagious’.  New research from Harvard Medical School and the University of California, San Diego suggests that happiness is influenced not only by the people you know, but by the people they know. The study showed that happiness spreads through community and social networks, sort of like a virus, meaning that your happiness could influence the happiness of someone you've never even met.

Laughter. Help to boost our Immune System with lots of Laughter.

Gratitude. Acknowledge that it is an honor and a privilege to be here.

Give Back. Give back in ways that are not necessarily of the material nature.  Give back with your Time, your Love, your Compassion, your Understanding, your Patience, your Forgiveness, and your Smile.

Cultivate Community.
Share your Spirit.

Send Loving, Healing Light

        to your Family and Friends. . .
        to your Community. . .
        to all the Children of the World. . .
        to our World leaders. . .
        to our Planet.

Shine like the Sun! Uplift humanity through your very Presence.

From our Heart to yours, Beyond the Bridge wishes you a Happy and Heart-Healthy Holiday Season extending to the New Year filled with Love, Light and more Light!

Please pass this along to your friends, colleagues and family!

With Love, Peace and Light,
Beyond the Bridge

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