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Tune into your Nervous System! Do you constantly check your social and professional networks, post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter; sometimes without giving much thought to what you are actually saying? Do you always take calls on your mobile phone, whether in a business meeting or in a social gathering? Aside from the constant interruption, it’s no wonder so many people are feeling ‘stressed out’ because our bodies are not wired to be switched on 24/7. Yet, as our nervous systems are being rewired to accept and react to new forms of input, it remains essential that we strive for a ‘Life-Work Balance’ that works for us. There are times when we should move forward with action and times step back to rest and therein lies the key to a healthy balance.

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Forward this to anyone who may be feeling the effects of stress and technology.

Breathe deeply, Walk daily and Smile!

With Love, Peace and Light,
Linda Shields, Founder

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Beyond The Bridge, based in New York City, is an Integrative Wellness Consultancy focused on the implementation of Life-Work Balance and Stress Resilience programs for our clients to incorporate into daily practice and decision making. Our founder, Linda Shields, has 20 years of experience and success on Wall Street, combined with 10 years of study and development of this system, giving her a unique understanding of the demands and stresses of the business world. We partner with our clients to create tailored, leading-edge, effective Life-Work Balance and Stress Resilience programs for corporations, small businesses, hospitals, hotels, schools and individuals.

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