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Strengthen your Resiliency! By strengthening our resiliency, we build a natural defense system against stress that comes in all shapes and forms (workplace stress, strained family relationships, post traumatic stress syndrome to name a few). The more accessible our resources are when faced with challenges, the better our ability to bounce back and regain a sense of normalcy. This holds true whether we are a business executive making crucial decisions under constant pressure or a student getting ready to take SATs, knowing beforehand that the results will affect our future.

Quick tip to relieve anxiety and lessen the ‘fight or flight’ feeling that can arise from anxiety. Focus on your breathing as you practice lengthening your exhalation in relation to your inhalation, which can contribute to maintaining a healthy level of carbon dioxide in the blood, helping you relax and calm a racing mind.

1. Posture check: Sit comfortably, spine straight, shoulders relaxed with your feet flat on the floor for stability and preferably eyes closed. Relax your jaw. Hand position (Gyan Mudra) that aids in establishing calm and balance: thumb tip to index fingertip resting on lap. Take a few gentle breaths through the nose.

2. Establish a specific breath pattern. Inhale in a smooth breath through the nose to the count of 1-2-3-4 and slowly exhale in a smooth breath through the nose to the count of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8. Continue for 1 minute. Work your way to 3 minutes up to 11 minutes.

3. Practice. Establishing simple rituals can have astounding results. The key is consistent practice with the goal that they become unconscious and automatic and ready to kick in when needed.

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Breathe deeply, Walk daily and Smile!

Please pass this along to your friends, colleagues and family!

With Love, Peace and Light,
Linda Shields, Founder

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Beyond The Bridge, based in New York City, is an Integrative Wellness Consultancy focused on the implementation of Life-Work Balance and Stress Resilience programs for our clients to incorporate into daily practice and decision making. Our founder, Linda Shields, has 20 years of experience and success on Wall Street, combined with 10 years of study and development of this system, giving her a unique understanding of the demands and stresses of the business world. We partner with our clients to create tailored, leading-edge, effective Life-Work Balance and Stress Resilience programs for corporations, small businesses, hospitals, hotels, schools and individuals.

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