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Confidence in the Clutch! At times, we all have found ourselves in stressful situations where the positive outcome depends upon our immediate response while utilizing adept communication skills at a precise moment - such as a job interview for a position where we are qualified and experienced; applying for an ideal apartment in a great location with 20 other applicants; public speaking followed by Q&A. These are just a few examples of situations where ‘brain freeze’ or ‘choke’ might apply if we allow anxiety and worry to eat up important brain resources that should instead be used for clear thinking to be our best. Be prepared by establishing your inner confidence to project outer confidence – how the world perceives you. Practice this effective breath exercise and hand posture to tap into and optimize your Confidence.

1. Sit comfortably, spine straight, shoulders relaxed, eyes closed. Begin by centering yourself with Long Deep Breathing (through the nose) for a few moments, focusing on each inhale and exhale.

2. Place each hand, palms facing down - resting on thighs, in the Confidence hand posture. Right thumb tip touches side of right index finger between the first and second phalanx. Left thumb tip touches side of left index finger between the first and second phalanx.

In yogic health philosophy, the thumb represents the brain (the command center) and working with the index finger that connects to the Large Intestine energy meridian in this way can help remove anxiety – that dreaded feeling of the pit in the stomach - while revitalizing the brain for clear and positive thinking.

3. Continue breathing through the nose and extend the length of each inhale to the count of 4 then each exhale to the count of 4. Count to 4 slowly as you inhale and count to 4 slowly as you exhale. Eyes remain closed. This specific breath count pattern establishes internal balance and clarity.

Consistent practice is recommended within a range of 3 minutes for beginners up to 31 minutes for more advanced practitioners. Results will vary with individuals depending on the length of time and consistency of the meditation practice.

Beyond The Bridge, based in New York City, is an Integrative Wellness Consultancy focused on the implementation of Life-Work Balance and Stress Resilience programs for our clients to incorporate into daily practice and decision making. The stresses of everyday life naturally cause imbalances in our bodies and relationships. Our tools and techniques are specifically designed to condition and strengthen our clients’ mental, emotional and physical resilience to meet the demands of day-to-day pressures in the ‘real world’ while retaining a clear perspective. They are natural, time-efficient and customized so as to fit into the flow of our clients' current work or personal environment with minimal disruption and without additional expenditures (gym etc).

Our founder, Linda Shields, has 20 years of experience and success on Wall Street, combined with 8 years of study and development of this system, giving her a unique understanding of the demands and stresses of the business world. We partner with our clients to create tailored, leading-edge, effective Life-Work Balance and Stress Resilience programs for corporations, small businesses, hospitals, schools and individuals.

Specialties: Naam Yoga Therapy, Harmonyum, Breathwalk, Universal Kabbalah, Wellness Coaching and Corporate Wellness Programs.

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Breathe deeply, Walk daily and Smile!

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With Love, Peace and Light,
Beyond the Bridge

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