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“Common sense is not so common.” (Voltaire). When it comes to our wellbeing, we can easily gain access to our common sense and connect with our body’s wisdom and intelligence just by being more attentive to ourselves.  One way is to pay particular notice to our breath - picking up on subtle and not so subtle changes.  These changes are a reflection of what we are thinking and how we are feeling; whether it’s disparaging thoughts of someone or anger or a sense of peacefulness.  Another approach is to listen to our body and heed its signs.  The body is divinely orchestrated and has a built-in self healing mechanism; it doesn’t take much for our body - at any age - to respond in a positive way when we do something good for it and it also gives us a heads up when it’s out of balance.  The beginning of a cold can start with excessive sneezing or the body craving a certain healthful food (no, not chocolate cake although this can be comforting) when it needs nutrition or feeling tired in the middle of the day because of not enough sleep at night.

It is human nature that our logic, the scientist within, wants to see evidence and when shown this evidence a protocol of trust is established and becomes firmly rooted. This inevitably leads to faith because faith and trust go hand in hand. Follow through with faith and trust in your Common Sense by applying it – pay attention, read the signs and you will know the best course of action to take.

During the Autumn season, which is a time of rapid changes in both weather and temperament, we welcome you to enjoy our newly established Newsletter Archives which contain natural health tips and techniques. As many of you are sensibly discussing the flu shot debate with your healthcare physician, we remind you that there are additional and complementary ways to initiate your own Integrative Healthcare approach towards creating the 21st Century health paradigm.  Our May 2009 Newsletter, entitled Boost your Immune System - Simply and Quickly describes four sequential breath exercises that will create vitality to maintain a strong Immune System.

Breathe deeply, Walk daily and Smile!

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With Love, Peace and Light,
Beyond the Bridge

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