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We certainly have been busy!

Our Spirit, together with the Creative genius of our minds and emotions, has brought us through the ages and in just the last 150 years we have experienced, and still are, the profound effects of the Industrial Revolution that ushered in major changes to our world, to then give birth to the explosive world of Technology.  Our modes of transportation range from boats, cars, planes that take us across roads and oceans to space shuttles that bring us to neighboring planets while our means of communication have expanded to include the telephone, the cell phone, e-mail, and the Internet. We’ve come a long way baby………and yet………

What has happened to our intrinsic connection to Nature – to the ebb and flow of Life? Day and Night, Birth and Death, Yin and Yang, Light and Darkness, Movement and Stillness – one does not and cannot exist without the other.  At times, our work ethics and our drive to go, go, go veer us away from the healing forces of Nature thereby creating imbalance.  We can foster and support our creativity and productivity by giving equal attention to rest and restoring ourselves.   Whether it’s getting enough sleep, taking a walk, taking a vacation or simply taking a breather for 10 minutes -  they all contribute to the ‘slowing down’ part of our Nervous system – sort of like putting on the brakes.  It doesn’t mean that we won’t get started again; it’s just that we won’t continue speeding down the road, out of control.  We are in the driver’s seat.

In the July 2008 Newsletter, we discussed Long Deep Breathing, through the nose, as a means to calm the fire element within us and bring clarity to our mind.  We would like to expand upon this by discussing the benefits of Long Deep Breathing through each nostril, individually.  Cultivating a relationship with your breath can be the first step towards experiencing your own empowerment that leads you to make the changes in your life that you want to.  Don’t underestimate the effectiveness and power of your breath!

Keep in mind that we are Nature.  Just as there are the elements in Nature (Earth, Water, Fire, Air), we too consist of these same elements.  We experience any imbalance within ourselves by encountering disturbances within our own bodies and can also see this reflected in what is happening in the world when we see imbalance in the form of floods and fires.  Too much fire relates to anger and can affect the blood and liver while too much water relates to fear and can affect the kidneys. 

Breathing through the left nostril relates to Moon energy (lunar) and the water element.  The Moon influences the Earth’s bodies of water, including our own, which is more than 70% liquid.  Its energy is cooling, cleansing, healing, calming and helps with insomnia.  If you are having trouble sleeping:  close off the right nostril and breathe long and deep through your left nostril for 3-11 minutes.

Breathing through the right nostril relates to Sun energy (solar) and the fire element.  The Sun gives us life, radiance and energy.  Its energy is warming, energizing, promotes alertness and strengthens will power.  If you are feeling tired at work – the afternoon lull hits the best of us:  close off your left nostril and breathe long and deep through your right nostril for 3-11 minutes.

This is simplicity at its best!

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With Love, Peace and Light,

Beyond the Bridge

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