Ist International Naam Biomedical Society Meeting: Sustainable Approaches to Community Care
May 5, 2011


Beyond The Bridge is a proud sponsor of the 1st International Naam Biomedical Society Meeting - 'Sustainable Approaches to Community Care' to be held on May 5th, 2011 from 5pm till 9pm. Our founder, Linda Shields, will attend this ‘groundbreaking gathering of leading physicians, scientists, healthcare professionals and specialists to discuss, strategize and promote awareness in the scientific and medical community of the evidence, benefit and necessity of sustainable, self-healing practices’. This event is organized by the Naam Biomedical Society, a 501 (3) C Non Profit organization that is dedicated to life saving research and to help bring educational programs to clinical centers, community schools and nursing homes to fight chronic diseases such as asthma, pain, Alzheimer’s disease and more. Visit for more details.

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Beyond the Bridge

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