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‘The Times They Are a-Changin'! And that includes the paradigm of the global Healthcare industry. Yes, we continue to focus on issues such as how to improve the quality of our healthcare and broaden the populations that receive it, while striving to maintain its affordability. At the same time, we are coming to the realization that caring for our health - our whole self - goes beyond traditional forms of mainstream modern medicine. And with that comes the dissolution of an attitude that one can simply delegate the task of our wellbeing only to our doctors, expecting a one size fits all panacea. With this illumination, we can clearly define ourselves by the choices we make and take responsibility for those choices; initiating an active transformation from within that results in a balanced, healthy and harmonious lifestyle.

Many already agree that most aspects of our health are a reflection of how we live our ‘whole lives’, with interlinking factors such as genetic makeup, upbringing, environment, fulfilling work, strong community, loving relationships, food, exercise, outlook on life, connection with Nature and the Divine within – including the consequences of our thoughts, words and actions. All contribute to and directly affect our wellbeing. The Integrative Healthcare approach is a broad view and unique global alliance of the science of modern medicine, holistic health, everyday living and knowing ourselves; encompassing and embracing our wholeness - mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Synergistically, we are greater than the sum of our parts.

We, at Beyond the Bridge, promote and encourage this approach by helping you to make choices that keep you well. At times, it may be necessary to seek assistance or guidance. The Integrative Health modalities in our LiveWorkWell programs are a natural way that complement and work effortlessly with traditional medicine. Whether it's a private therapeutic Naam Yoga session, adopting a Breath practice, learning to Meditate, taking a Breathwalk in Central Park or along the East River, an Introduction to Universal Kabbalah that teaches you about the influences of your planetary energies, or receiving a relaxing and stress removing Harmonyum treatment, this powerful combination of holistic self-healing modalities will equip you with practical tools in a fun, effective and healthy way; infusing your life with renewed energy, purpose and joy!

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With Love, Peace and Light,
Beyond the Bridge

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Beyond The Bridge, based in New York City, offers Integrative Wellness Coaching Solutions for individuals and businesses. Founded by Holistic Health Practitioner and Yoga Professional, Linda Shields, Beyond the Bridge specializes in Wellness Coaching programs, directed to the whole person, that focus on achieving Balance in this busy, stressful world through Healthful and Conscious Living.

Through the healing modalities of Naam Yoga Therapy, Harmonyum, Breathwalk, Universal Kabbalah, Wellness Coaching and Corporate Wellness Programs, Beyond the Bridge embraces a holistic approach that encapsulates the complete wellness of mind, spirit and body. For more information, visit